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Be NCAA Ready!

If you have hopes of becoming an NCAA Student Athlete, you should do all you can to meet that goal. Every player knows there are NCAA academic requirements, but most players dont know where to start getting ready.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Freshman – You should meet with your counselor to make sure you are taking the right classes to meet the NCAA requirements. Ask them if there are ways you can make yourself academically more attractive to schools.

IMPORTANT – Discuss the NCAA D1 Sliding Scale!

Sophomore – Keep constant contact with your counselor and this time to research schools you may be interested in attending; request information to learn about what they offer.

Junior – Check the NCAA core courses again to make sure you are on the right path. You should also be on track to take your first SAT or ACT. Once complete, send your scores to the NCAA.

Senior – Finish your core classes and look to retake your SAT as needed. Students almost always improve the second and third time they take the test. Since NCAA will take your highest section scores across all test dates, you can take the SAT more than once without worrying. At the end of the year, ask your counselor to upload your official transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center.