Breakdown Showcase

The 2016 Fall Breakdown Showcase continues to be one of the top tier events in Florida. The showcase was held at the Martinez Center on the University of Tampa campus which featured 3 premium courts with non-stop action. Registration was fast and efficient, drills were run with care and intensity, games started on time and kept the players engaged; it was a well put together event.

Basketball started with station drills where the players were put through agility, skill, and competitive training. The instructors were top notch and knowledgeable about the game. Showcases are mainly to display your talents, but on several occasions, I saw the staff giving players valuable advice on how to improve their craft. There were enough trainers on staff were this did not stop the flow of the showcase, which is the fear when giving players extra help at showcase events.

If you are a player looking for exposure, then don’t miss the next one! This one is well worth the trip.

Now let’s talk about a few players we were able to evaluate.

CJ Walker does it again. We saw CJ two weeks ago at the Nike Premier Showcase  and I will attest that the kid has been working hard and listening to advice because it seems he got little better…yes, that fast. CJ is one of the younger players in the 2019 class, so his upside is a little more intriguing. He currently plays the small forward spot, but I can easily see him playing the two this year. He is quick, great lateral movement and can naturally handle the ball for his size; all things you can’t really teach. Once he perfects his shot and tightens his handle, I don’t see why he can’t become one of the top players in the country. Defensively he is everything you want in a wing – plays the passing lane, defends his man straight up, and plays help side defense almost to perfection. Schools should show love early or be left out, I’m hearing the PAC-12 is taking a lot of notice.


Ro Burke

Ro Burke of Strawberry Crest HS was also impressive. A PG with nice size and smooth handle. Ro was able to get anywhere he wanted in order to create a shot. His moves were effective, his shot was pure, and his defense was sound. Ro is a C/O 2019 guard but displayed the patience of a senior. He will need to get quicker and start taking advantage of the lane when it opens, but his 15 – 18 stroke is deadly.

2018 Austin Meloche is just a very good basketball player. He did the little things most don’t notice at camps or showcases. He needs to move to the PG position to play at the next level, but he is a deadly 3pt shooter and moves extremely well off the ball. Again, would like to see him handle the ball and facilitate more, but for now, his shooting makes him a player to watch.

6’8” 2017 Micheal Akuchie is a high-level player. Currently, he is a dominant big when he bangs down low, but I can see that he is working on his outside game to transfer to a wing. In my opinion, he will be more effective working on his post skills and spot up jumper rather than wing training, but he will be a fine player either way.

Alexander Oguinn is a 6’8” 2017 athletic forward who runs the court extremely well. Alex will be attending Oldsmar Christian this year and with what we saw, he’ll pull several more offers before it’s all said and done. Alex either needs to commit to playing the post by adding weight and strength or work on his body control and jumper to play a stretch 4. Looking forward to seeing how he plays this year.

Robert Hardy of Middleton HS  is wing that has flown under the radar. Very athletic with a smooth jumper. Nice motor and didn’t seem to take plays off. Count him as a reason Tampa should be on Floridas recruiting trail.

Gerald Fleming, 2017 6’4”  wing who is versatile and can mix it up down low. Very smooth player who plays with poise. Looking forward to seeing more of him at Freedom HS this year.

Kamron Green was a joy to watch because he plays the game the right way. Loads of skill, but played within his team almost to a fault. Highly skilled player with good size and strength. Needs to wok on getting quicker, but he was still able to go defensive rebound to layup on the regular.

2017 PG Tyler White from Durant HS can flat out shoot the ball. I didn’t find him until later in the camp, but his release was quick and his shot was pure. He was also able to get to the rim and finish. I wasn’t able to locate any offers for Tyler, but if you’re a DII looking for a solid PG, then take a trip to Armwood HS.

Andrew Kienes was 2017 player solid player. Played hard the whole time and is a great fit-in type of player.

Serrel Smith is really…really good. A 6’3 PG out of St Petersburg, FL with a solid frame and nice athleticism. FGCU and Jame Madison are two of his offers. With one more year to go as a C/O 2018 prospect, that list should get a lot longer this year. You can almost check every box for this kid: Athletic, Can Shoot, Court Vision, Defense, High Motor, Ball Handling; like I said, he is really…really good.


Jonathan Bryant II

Jonathan Bryant II 6’4” SG out of Oakleaf HS. If you’re looking for an athletic wing with a mean streak, here is your guy. Jon Jon looks more comfortable with his outside shot and he is hitting it a good clip. As his off the dribble jumper improves its going to open up that lane. He’s already a player that will shut the gym down with thunder dunks; if we add a little more ball handling and solid pull-up, he will be a fit for any school. Better move fast, he a 2017 who already holds some impressive offers.

2017 wing Shomari King was also impressive. He was able to get to the basket at will. Athletic and runs the court well, but I think he can transition to PG which would really open up his options.

2020 Jordin Jackson out of Impact Christian Academy in Jacksonville is a lefty with supreme court vision. Plays with quickness and is a team player type of point guard. Put him on your radar, he could be a good one.

Amari Goulboure

Amari Goulboure

Amari Goulboure

is a 2017 prospect out of Tampa Prep. Amari was one of the more intriguing prospects. He stands about 5’10 but plays with a lot of heart.Consistent jumper and gets to the basket with quickness. 2017 prospect, but if he can display the ability to run a team as a PG and become more of a distributor, we should see his offers open up.

Tank McKelphin is 2017 G who attends Plant City HS. At 6’3” Tank was one of the most athletic at the camp. Able to get up and throw it down with power and ran the court well. He was solid in the paint and could score from the outside comfortably. A little improvement with the ball handling and court awareness and he will be right where he needs to be. Worth the trip to Plan City HS to see what he can do this year.

2018 Denari Garret is also a player to watch. Runs the court well and can play the athletic wing role nicely. Needs to improve other aspects of his game, but the tools are there. As a 2018 prospect, he has time to really expand his game.